‘We are selling dreams’

Alibag: Sameer A Nerurkar, the managing director of Samira Constructions, is today the largest and reputed land developer in Alibag, a town in Maharashtra’s Raigad district.

Samira Constructions was initiated in 1995 and the business emphasis is on ‘developing Alibag’ — offering expansive residential land, abundant in water reserves, in pollution-free zones. He is in charge of handling strategic planning, marketing and business development.

Two of the most successful projects in the market are:

  • Samira Palms. At Nagaon, it lies within a palm grove and is about an eight-minute walk from the Nagaon Beach — a complete horticulture project.
  • Samira Complex. This 70-acre verdant land is situated along the Alibag-Roha state road, which is approximately six kilometres from Alibag city.

In the planning stage is the third venture, Samira Woods, located on the Alibag-Roha state road. This property has an area of about 50 acres and overlooks a hamlet and the sea — it ecologically synergises the rustic flavour of the village and the benefits of Alibag’s infrastructure.

Recreating nirvana and utopia off Alibag is this 35-year-old’s business focus. Excerpts from an interview:

Today, Mumbai seems overcrowded and there is a penchant among people to move away to less crowded places, or rather look for their own space. What does Alibag have to offer?
To begin with, Alibag, known for its swaying palms, quaint little villages, virgin beaches and rejuvenating fresh air, is just the right place for a weekend getaway for all the busy and stressed Mumbaiites. It is at the moment accessible within a distance of 110 kms, approximately two-and-a-half hours by road from Mumbai and an hour’s journey by the catamaran.

With the proposed road link projects, namely the Sewri-Uran link and the Uran-Rewas link, Alibag would be accessible by road within an hour’s time. By the year 2010, Alibag is likely to become a part of Mumbai.