PM Narendra Modi awarded Seoul Peace Prize 2018

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been conferred with the prestigious Seoul Peace Prize 2018 in recognition of his contribution to the growth of the Indian economy and thereby fostering global economic growth and the initiatives he has taken to reduce social and economic disparities.

The Seoul Peace Prize Cultural Foundation, headed by Chairman Kwon E-hyock, made the announcement after the final selection meeting in Jung-gu, Seoul. The committee found Modi “the perfect candidate.”

He explained that PM Modi was chosen for his efforts to improve the lives of India’s 1.35 billion people, for establishing economic cooperation ties with various countries to improve human welfare and promote world peace and for greatly contributing to the stability of the Asia-Pacific region by promoting international cooperation through diplomatic policies.

Modi will be presented with an award, plaque and honorarium of $200,000.

The Seoul Peace Prize Committee has decided to confer the 2018 Seoul Peace Prize on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in recognition of his dedication to improving international cooperation, raising global economic growth, accelerating the human development of India’s 1.35 billionpeople by fostering economic growth in the world's fastest growing large economy and furthering the development of democracy through anti-corruption and social integration efforts.

After assessing over a hundred candidates proposed by over 1,300 nominators from around the world, the Award Committee decided to bestow the Prize on Prime Minister Modi, calling him 'the perfect candidate for the 2018 Seoul Peace Prize, a release from the Prime Minister’s Office stated.

While awarding the 2018 Seoul Peace Prize, the Award Committee recognized Prime Minister Modi's contributions to the growth of the Indian and global economies, crediting 'Modinomics' for reducing social and economic disparity between the rich and the poor. The committee lauded PM's initiatives to make the government cleaner through anti-corruption measures and demonetisation. The committee also credited the prime minister for his contribution towards regional and global peace through a proactive foreign policy with countries around the world under the 'Modi Doctrine' and the 'Act East Policy.' Prime Minister Modi is the fourteenth recipient of this award.

Prime Minister Modi has expressed gratitude for the prestigious honour and said it is also a recognition of India's deepening partnership with the Republic of Korea. The award will be presented by the Seoul Peace Prize Foundation at a mutually convenient time.

The Seoul Peace Prize was established in 1990 to commemorate the success of the 24th Olympic Games held in Seoul, Republic of Korea – an event in which 160 nations from across the world took part, creating harmony and friendship and a worldwide atmosphere of peace and reconciliation. The Seoul Peace Prize was established to crystallize the Korean people's yearning for peace on the Korean Peninsula and in the rest of the world.

The Seoul Peace Prize has been awarded biennially to those individuals who have made their mark through contributions to the harmony of mankind, reconciliation between nations and to world peace. Past laureates include distinguished global personalities like former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and renowned international relief organisations like Doctors Without Borders and Oxfam.