Delhi Archbishop welcomes Mother Teresa's sainthood

Delhi's Archbishop on Friday welcomed the Vatican's decision to elevate Mother Teresa to sainthood, saying the move will bring hope to those dedicated to the service of the poor.

''I am extremely glad to hear about the recognition of a second miracle attributed to Mother Teresa of a Brazilian man, suffering from a brain tumour, being completely cured. She was a true reflection of God's mercy and compassion to countless destitute people around the world,'' Delhi Archbishop Anil J T Couto said in a statement.

Clearing the path for Mother Teresa's elevation to sainthood, the Vatican has recognised a second miracle of the nun.

''There were questions raised about her real motive or hidden agenda in serving the poor. Her canonisation to sainthood will bring hope and joy to everyone who dedicates oneself at the service of poor,'' he said.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity and spent 45 years serving the poor, the sick, the orphaned and the dying on the streets of Kolkata. She died at the age of 87 in Kolkata in 1997.

Hindu right-wingers have sought to suggest that she was seeking to convert people to Christianity in the guise of serving the poor, but such charges have been shown to be baseless.