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TRAI lowers port charges for telecom operatorsnews
02 February 2007

New Delhi: Telecom regulator TRAI has amended regulations to lower port charges that allow cellular operators to connect to BSNL and MTNL lines by up to 29 per cent from 1 April.

The lowering of the port charges is expected to lead to a further reduction in tariffs.
Issuing the amended regulations, TRAI said it expects the service providers to pass the benefit of the cut in rates for port charges to consumers.

Port is an essential part for the establishment of the interconnection between two networks and interconnection seekers pay providers (such as BSNL) for terminating interconnection links on the network.

The reduction in existing charges ranges from 23-29 per cent for various slabs. The revised port charges from 1 April would be in the range Rs10,500 to Rs39,000 instead of the current Rs14,000 to Rs55,000.

Interconnection seekers are mandated to place their demand for the required number of ports, on every point of interconnection (PoI) on the basis of traffic projection, on a half-yearly basis.

TRAI said there has been a long pending demand by interconnection seekers that port charges need to be revised.

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TRAI lowers port charges for telecom operators