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ISRO to help put US satellites into space news
31 July 2009

The recently signed technology safeguards agreement during the visit of secretary of state Hillary Clinton to India will allow smoother co-operation between the two countries for the launch of US satellites from Indian bases.

Indian Space Research Organization chairman Madhavan Nair said that space cooperation with the US had been the agenda of the government, and that the pact will enable US made satellites or with components of US to be launched from India.

According to Nair, ISRO currently provides satellite launching services to other countries at economical prices. The rocket GSLV-MKIII under development will make satellite launches more economical.

"We will have more opportunities to get foreign satellites for launch from India. Prior to the agreement, users had to wait for clearance for every case," Nair said.

ISRO maintains a satellite launchpad in Sriharikota that may be used to offer satellite launches.

The agreement covers foreign built non-commercial satellites. For heavy, commercial satellites, a commercial space launch agreement will be required which is likely to be signed soon. On the launch of heavy satellites, Nair said, ''We will be able to launch heavy satellites on a case-to-case basis.''

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ISRO to help put US satellites into space