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IT industry keen to partner government in key areas

02 March 2015

Software services industry body Nasscom said its members are keen on partnering the government for engaging in IT-led projects in six key areas including education, energy, food supply and governance.

"We would like to partner the government on six transformational IT-led projects in six areas, what we call EFGHI education, energy, food, governance, healthcare and infrastructure," Tata Consultancy Services chief executive officer and managing director N Chandrasekaran said at a Nasscom event on Sunday.

The projects should be selected based on their fit with the government's priorities for the nation and the industry's expertise and experience, he added.

Chandrasekaran, who has previously been Nasscom's chairman, said the project should be completed in a tangible timeline of 12-18 months.

"We will commit to jointly working with the government on such projects and then working together to resolve some of the engagement issues that we face from time to time so that we can implement them successfully," Chandrasekaran said.

''This will be a very important step for the IT sector's journey towards building a smart nation.''

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