Tata Indicom, Kinetic Motor in strategic alliance

Mumbai: Tata Indicom and Kinetic Motor Company have come together to offer a series of joint promotions.

Under this tie-up, Tata Indicom will offer special deals to buyers of Kinetic's major scooter brands. For instance, buyers of Kinetic's four stroke scooter Nova 135 will receive a 'Tata Indicom post paid mobile' and a Walky valued at Rs3,000, in addition to one year of free local calling between the two and a special rate of 30 paise for all calls between the walky and the mobile.

Similarly, Buyers of the Kinetic Zing and Zoom would receive a free 'Tata Indicom true paid mobile' worth Rs2,000. The offer is available nation-wide and is be targeted at executives and students."

Announcing the tie up, Harish Bhat, president, marketing, Tata Teleservices Limited, said, "Such a marketing strategy can aid in effectively garnering mileage from retail establishments of both parties involved. Through this initiative Tata Indicom ensures that customers stay connected with their near and dear ones even on the move. Keeping in line with Tata Indicom's philosophy, this offering enforces our commitment in ensuring that, with us one can truly 'do more and live more', Bhat added.

Sulajja Firodia Motwani, joint managing director, Kinetic said, "This tie-up is a partnership between two strong brands with symbiotic products. Ultimately, this will benefit our customers who can become mobile in the dual sense of the word with the purchase of a scooter. I think this is a win-win partnership where ultimately the customer walks away with the best of both worlds."