Women are better administrators than men

Anu Aga, director, Thermax"It is time we accept that fact both men and women stand on equal footing and women are equally good or bad administrator as men are. There is no reason to discriminate on gender basis," said Ms Anu Aga, director, Thermax Ltd.

She was speaking at the session on 'Are Women the Missing Link to Building Sustainable Business' on the second day of the 3-day conference on ideas to turbo-charge India's developmental process, 'Ideas India 2008', organised by Aspen Institute India here today.

The panelists discussed the issues related to 'women in business' and debated over whether there are marked differences in the way Indian women run companies such that it deviates from the 'business as usual' model. It became clear from the wide ranging discussions that new economic model will have to follow a path of inclusive growth with gender equality, in order for such growth to be sustainable on the long term.

"It is a reality that women bring more commitment to an organisation. They listen better and are more sensitive to the needs and demands of other workers," said Aga.

"It is also unfortunately true that we as women are responsible in communicating the same gender-biased values to our children and in perpetuating this mindset through our actions," cautioned Aga.

Rumjhum Chatterjee, managing director, Feedback Ventures, said, "Though men must accept the management qualities of women, women on their part also need to pick up right level of confidence."