Smooth success

Networking is essential to become successful in public relations, says Diwakar Sharma. One better way is to schmooze; it can get you ahead

Ontario: Danny is a veteran schmoozer who knows just everybody in the city. This was his schedule on a recent workday:

  • Breakfast at Four Seasons
  • A fundraiser at noon
  • Back to board meetings
  • Phone session with a client
  • Movie at 9 pm.

Danny, the 35-year-old founder of Persona Communications in Delhi, is definitely not among the networked challenged. He rarely misses a party or social engagement, and has been known to stop at three or more in a single evening. He sends out dozens of thank-you notes monthly, never forgets birthdays, and is constantly adding to or updating his Casio organiser, gifted to him by his girlfriend.

"When I started my own company in 2000, I was just out every single night in any given week," recalls Danny. "That hasn't showed down that much. Why? Because people they know and socialise with. They're much more likely to feel at ease with someone they've broken bread with, had a drink with, or talked to at a party than a complete stranger."