JetBlue Airways to list IPO on Nasdaq

New York: The Nasdaq Stock Market ( has announced that JetBlue Airways will list the shares of its initial public offering (IPO) on Nasdaq.

The New York-based company has set the terms of its filing to offer 5.5 million shares of its common stock with a price range of $22-24 per share on the Nasdaq National Market under the symbol JBLU. JetBlue will become the 14th airline to trade on Nasdaq.

Says Nasdaq Stock Market chairman and CEO Wick Simmons: “As new as it is, JetBlue Airways is one of three profitable airlines in the US, and Nasdaq is proud to be its partner.“

JetBlue has set itself apart in many ways. It is the first and only US start-up airline to launch with more than $100 million in capital. The airline was the first to install bulletproof cockpit doors across its entire fleet and is now installing security cameras in the passenger cabin for customer and crew safety. Additionally, it is the only airline to offer 24-channels of live satellite television free at every seat.

Says Nasdaq vice-chairman and head (corporate client group) David Weild: “The American economy is driven by growth-oriented, innovative, entrepreneurial companies - companies like JetBlue. These companies embody a spirit of achievement and are the foundation of Nasdaq.“