Equity MFs remain consistent performers, debt schemes maintain stability: CRISIL~RRR

CRISIL FundServices, in its monthly Risk Adjusted Return Ranking (CRISIL~RRR) of the performance of mutual fund schemes, has covered 10 types of mutual fund investment options and has ranked 194 schemes for the one-year ended June 2005. The ranking covers 66 per cent of the industry assets under management (AUM). The CRISIL~RRR measures performance of the schemes not only on the returns given by the schemes over the period of analysis but also the risk they took to get those returns.

The BSE Sensex scaled the 7000-peak during the month, propelling total investor wealth in the equity markets to an all-time high. A bullish undertone, further augmented by the advent of the monsoon and a marginal dip in global oil prices, led to large inflows from foreign institutional investors which kept the equity market buoyant during the month. With fears of a domestic interest rate hike in the short term being put to rest by the RBI, investor sentiment in the debt market was upbeat. The debt market ended the month in positive territory as the benchmark yield fell from 6.98 per cent in May 2005 to 6.89 per cent in June 2005.

The equity funds category benchmark, the CRISIL Fund~eX, generated a return of 50.15 per cent for the year-ended June 2005.

  • Sundaram Select Midcap topped the charts at CRISIL~RRR 1 in the category
  • SBI Magnum Global Fund followed at at CRISIL~RRR 2
  • HDFC Capital Builder Fund was CRISIL~RRR 3

With the mid-cap segment maintaining consistency, large-cap-oriented schemes have also shown signs of an improvement in performance during the last month.

In the software sector:

  • Birla India Opportunities Fund - Plan B maintained consistency at CRISIL~RRR 1
  • Prudential ICICI Technology Fund was at CRISIL~RRR 2
  • DSP Merrill Lynch Technology Fund was at CRISIL~RRR 3.

The income funds benchmark, the CRISIL Fund~dX, generated returns of 3.73 per cent for the year-ended June 2005.