NIC sets up 'Centre of Excellence in Blockchain Technology' in Bengaluru

National Informatics Centre (NIC) has set up a Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Blockchain Technology in Bengaluru, which will provide Blockchain as a service and allow stakeholders to benefit from shared learning, experiences and resources.

Union minister for law and justice, communications and electronics and information technology Ravi Shankar Prasad will inaugurate the centre tomorrow.
NIC, as a premier technology advisor and ICT solution provider to government at all levels, takes the first step to introduce the latest technologies and services in government, be it the introduction of ICT in government, establishment of NICNET or National Knowledge Network (NKN), development of critical e-governance solutions and a host of other services required by the government.
Blockchain technology is an upcoming and niche technology and its adoption in sectors such as healthcare, finance, agriculture and various other sectors, would help the government implement various programmes and provide trust and immutability to the assets.
The CoE has developed Blockchain-based proof of concepts (PoCs) for select government use cases to understand potential benefits provided by this emerging technology. New and previously unforeseen applications of Blockchain in the government are expected to enhance transparency, traceability and trust in e-governance systems.
The Centre of Excellence will facilitate various government departments in building proof of concepts for use of Blockchain technology in different dimensions of governance, leading to large scale deployment of some such applications. With National Informatics Centre (NIC) providing a robust and an agile infrastructure, the CoE shall also provide Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) for efficient hosting of Blockchain network, says an official release.