Spices Board to open retail outlets

New Delhi: Commerce ministry promoted entity the Spices Board is floating a company to market spices in India and abroad. The new company called, Flavourit Spices Trading, will focus on selling a range of spices like mint, chillies and jeera, under the brand name Flavourit.

The company will first launch products in Delhi in a couple of months and is negotiating with Mother Diary to sell Flavourit.

An initial investment of Rs10 crore will be made by the Spices Board to set up the company, which will be based in Cochin but have presence throughout India. In a few years time, a private company could be roped in as a partner of the company.

The company will have its own supply chain to package and market different spices, especially produced by small growers across the country. Services of the India Brand Equity Foundation will also be taken for promoting the product in international markets, where it would be positioned as a premium product.

As per the plans drawn up by the board, spice parks will be set up in places across the country.

Two spice parks will be set up for black pepper and cardamom in Idduki district in Kerala while one each in Lucknow for mint and Guntur for chilli. More over, a spice park will be set up in one of the North Eastern states for promoting organic ginger and turmeric.