Tata Power, Reliance Energy may save Mumbai from power cuts

MSEB has said that TPC, which supplies power in bulk to both the power distribution utilities in Mumbai, BEST and REL, is overdrawing around 200 Mw to ensure that city gets uninterrupted power supply.

MSEB expressed its unwillingness to allow Tata Power Company to overdraw from the state's grid as the state is facing a power shortage of around 5,000 Mw and rural areas in the state are reeling under 12-14 hours of power cut.

TPC and REL supply 1,770 Mw and 500 Mw of power to the city respectively. However the demand for power has risen by 400 Mw and Tata Power Company managed to source around 200 Mw from various sources which include 60 Mw from its power plant in Jharkhand, 100 Mw from the hydro plant in Sikkim and 100 Mw from the Hyderabad-based Lanco.

Even then Tata Power Company was finding it difficult to source another 200 Mw to meet the city's power needs. Hence, it was over drawing from the state's grid, sources pointed out.

If power cuts do affect the city, the suburbs would be hit first where REL supplies power. Due to differences between the companies there has been no power purchase agreement in place between Tata Power Company and REL.