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Strides Arcolab signs partnership with The Clinton Foundation for HIV Drugsnews
13 January 2006

Pharmaceuticals company Strides Arcolab Ltd has tied up with the Clinton Foundation to make available a range of affordable anti-retroviral drugs for the treatment of HIV / AIDS in countries that are under the aegis of the Clinton Foundation HIV / AIDS initiative. The Clinton Foundation makes available low-priced anti-retroviral drugs in various countries.

Speaking at a formal ceremony announcing the agreement at New York, Arun Kumar, group CEO and managing director, Strides Arcolab, assured the company's continuing support to the Clinton Foundation's initiative against HIV / AIDS. "We are committed to supply a comprehensive range of first line and second line anti-retroviral drugs that meet global quality standards at affordable prices."

Speaking on the occasion, former US president Bill Clinton said "Strides Arcolab (India) will offer the ARV efavirenz for $240 per patient per year. This price represents savings of more than 30 per cent from current market rates. Following the agreement, Strides will also supply first-line ARVs under Clinton Foundation agreements.

"Lowering the price of second-line drugs is a major priority for my foundation in 2006. Treatment, once started, is a lifelong commitment, and over time patients move from low-priced first-line drugs to second-line combinations that are at least 10 times more expensive. Keeping the global cost of AIDS treatment sustainable will only be possible if we lower the prices of these medicines."

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Strides Arcolab signs partnership with The Clinton Foundation for HIV Drugs