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Eli Lilly launches anti-diabetes drug variant news
Our Corporate Bureau
11 August 2005

Eli Lilly Company (India) Pvt Ltd has announced the launch of Humalog Mix, a variant of its existing anti-diabetes insulin analog mixture, Humalog, at a press conference in Mumbai.

As compared to other anti-diabetes drugs that need to be administered before meals at a stipulated time, the new drug can be administered immediately before or after meals, thus offering convenience, control and flexibility to the patient. The company claims that the drug is also less painful than the normal insulin injections available at present.

Speaking at the press conference, Rajiv Gulati, chairman and managing director of Eli Lilly India, said, " Humalog Mix has been designed specifically for the Indian individual, keeping in mind the irregular food and lifestyle habits prevalent here. Also, Humalog Mix offers more effective diabetes control without being as painful as the other drugs administered."

Humalog Mix is a prescription drug available in three variations: Humalog Mix 25, Humalog Mix 50 and Humalog insulin lispro. The drug is priced at Rs396 per cartridge.

Eli Lilly's Humalog was launched in 1997 in India. According to company statistics, over one lakh patients in India are currently using Humalog.

The company also claims that Humalog Mix 50 is currently available only in Japan and India.

Eli Lilly had reported a turn over for Rs150 crore for the previous financial year.

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Eli Lilly launches anti-diabetes drug variant