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The Medicine Shoppenews
07 January 2000

medicineshoppe1 copy.jpg (6835 bytes)The Medicine Shoppe is the seventh largest retail pharmacy chain in the world, with annual sales exceeding $1 billion. The company operates 1,100 retail outlets in the US and another 200 in six other countries.

In the US, Medicine Shoppe provides various business tools to retail pharmacy outlets. Its services include a marketing and buying programme, product information, inventory management, software, accounting principles and access to various insurance programmes. The company also provides ongoing business consultation through the company-appointed operations manager who guides the pharmacists on broader business perspectives.

In India, The Medicine Shoppe has signed an agreement with Melrose Trading Company, a part of the Dolphin Laboratories group, to set up retail franchises in the country. To start with, Melrose has opened two model outlets at Andheri and Kandivili in Mumbai. The company has franchised one retail shop in Calcutta and two more outlets will be franchised in mid-January 2000 in Baroda and at Nerul in New Bombay, says N Chandrashekhar, product executive, Melrose Trading.

As per the agreement, Melrose Trading will be master franchisee, and will recruit pharmacists who are interested in opening retail outlets under the Medicine Shoppe banner. The US company will not make any investments in the country but will allow pharmacists to use its banner provided they adopt business systems that is in conformity with Medicine Shoppe systems. The company will charge a fixed fee from the retailers for various business tools it provides.

What does Medicine Shoppe offer?

medicineshoppe2 copy.jpg (6509 bytes)The Medicine Shoppe lays much emphasis on community pharmacists and employs only trained pharmacists who offer round the clock services. All Medicine Shoppe outlets have a minimum 400 square feet carpet area space and are air-conditioned. The group also runs various customer programmes such as referral programmes, monthly gift programmes, and programmes for expectant mothers.

The retail chain major has also tied up with pharmaceutical companies for sponsoring free diagnosis once a week. It has tied-up with Nicholas Piramal for diabetes, with Elder for bone densitometry tests for osteoporosis, with Parke Davis for dental examination, and with Omron for examining blood pressure.

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