Big 92.7FM plans to syndicate its content to Asian FM in the US

Seeking to address the ''home'' radio station need for the PIO (People of Indian Origin) community in the US, Big 92.7FM is looking at syndicating content to a US based radio station, Asian FM, which has a listener base catering to the South Asian community out there. This could also prove to be an interesting alternative source of revenue for the station.

Asian FM claims to be the only provider of 24 hour programming of Asian music, and wants to include the large Indian community into its listener base, for which it finds content from Big92.7 FM ideally suited.

As part of the agreement, Big FM would provide mainly non-music content to Asian FM, which would include but not be limited to humour, romance, and health, which reflects the contemporary flavour of India.

Big92.7 FM expects this to be a huge hit with the large Indian and Pakistani communities of the US, anticipating that people of these communities in the US want to hear a lot more of India, be it humour, devotion, television or Bollywood-related trivia.

With this initiative, Big92.7 FM is seeking seeks to replicate the international non-traditional revenue model, which contributes between 30 to 40 per cent of a station''s revenue. Typically, content syndication, events and other on-ground activities for part of these revenue sources.

With this one of a kind deal almost in place, Big92.7 FM is reportedly seeking similar associations in other markets as West Asia, Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia.

Launched in 2003, Asian FM is a 24-hour radio station, broadcasting different kinds of Indian music that ranges from Bollywood chart toppers to devotional songs, in addition to local, national and international news, and also covers cricket.