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Air to water converter unit unveiled in Mumbainews
03 May 2006

New Delhi: Air Water Corp. / Atmospheric Water Technologies,Both of which are wholly owned subsidiaries of Universal Communications System Inc, today unveiled the world's first AW1000M Air Water Mobile Unit in Mumbai.

The first-of-its-kind custom made air to water AW-1000M machine built for the Indian Armed Force produces up to 1,000 liters of high quality drinking water per day by extracting water from natural air.

This large-sized air to water machine can either be site located or trailer-mounted allowing for easy and fast transportation for immediate deployment.

Watermaker units are also available in varying outputs and are marketed by WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Ltd, the sole licensee in India for Atmospheric Water Technology Inc. / Air Water Corp.authorised to sell, market, manufacture and distribute the complete range of machines, systems and appertaining technologies.

The company is part-owned by the Katgara group, which owns the over 100-year old, Jeena & Company, a pioneering Indian company in global logistics and also operates Travel Corporation (India) Pvt. Ltd., one of India's largest travel companies.

The WaterMaker machine is a patented products and has UN classification under UN Code 181100. The machine completes nature's distillation process by capturing water vapour before it touches the earth and helps provide a localised source of pure drinking water without requiring an external water source, pipes or catch basins.

All it requires is electricity or alternate power sources to condense, collect, filter and dispense crystal clear potable water. The system comprises the water plant, filtration panel, holding tank and dispenser.

The company says the Watermaker can be used in homes, hotels, schools, hospitals, residential and commercial buildings, farmhouses, bottling plants, off shore drilling companies, defence forces, campuses, airports and industries that require pure water generation.

Speaking on the occasion, Michael Zwebner, president & CEO of the US-based Air Water Corp. / Atmospheric Water Technology Inc., said, "Our goal is to provide clean and potable water to people across the globe. Water being a basic part of human life, it is important we develop non-conventional methods of sourcing water. India is a very important market for us and we are happy to unveil the World's first AW1000M AirWater mobile unit here."

Incidentally, the Florida-based AirWater Corporation had supplied a number of AirWater machines to Sri Lanka and Thailand to provide pure drinking water for the victims of the Tsunami disaster. A publicly traded company on the US over the counter (OTC) BB markets, the company was formed to extract water from natural air, and to facilitate this technology for global markets.

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Air to water converter unit unveiled in Mumbai