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Students may be deprived of foreign text booksnews
Our Economy Bureau
18 December 2003

New Delhi: Students in India may no longer have access to low cost books published by international publishers thanks to the dual pricing controversy raging in the United States.

American booksellers have been complaining of their markets being affected thanks to a 1998 US Supreme Court ruling allowing parallel imports, which made it possible for students in the US to order books from websites at a cheaper price without violating copyright laws.

In an effort to tap large markets like India, US publishers had started selling college textbooks at prices considerably lower than what they charged in the US. However, international students at US campuses started to access these books at cheaper rates from countries like India, adversely affecting US college books sellers.

What, however, raised the hackles of American college book sellers was HRD minister Murli Manohar Joshi's apparent defence of plagiarism by the authors of NCERT's history textbook in Parliament and his demand at a Unesco meeting in October to expand the ambit of the "fair use" clause .


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Students may be deprived of foreign text books