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Indian Aerospace Command coming up on fast track basis: ACM Major
19 November 2007

Shillong: The process of establishing an Aerospace Command here for the defence services is on fast track, air chief marshal, FH Major, said on Monday.

"A space cell has been set up under an air vice-marshal. A tri-services dialogue will soon be held between the three defence forces as the Aerospace Command will be a tri-services entity," he said.

Once the Aerospace Command is created, the strategic reach of the country would extend beyond the confines of the globe, he said. Air marshal Major, however, refused to commit himself to a time frame required in establishing the command.


He also remarked that the Indian Air Force had emerged as a potent force with trans-continental reach, but the transformation from a low-end to a high-end technology force required time. "Before going ahead on the ground, it is necessary to assimilate knowledge and create a knowledge base. We are vigorously pursuing the matter," he said.

The Aerospace Command, mooted by the ACM Major's predecessor, ACM (retd) SP Tyagi, will exploit the outer space and also control the country's space-based assets.

According to defence sources, training had started for a core group of people for the proposed command.

Being set up with help from ISRO, the command will have distinct features being a military command with various components, ranging from satellites, radars, communication systems, fighter aircraft to helicopters, keeping in mind diverse needs of the forces such as communications, reconnaissance and battlefield damage assessment.

send this article to a friendThe command will also be used for civilian purposes by ISRO, the sources said.

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Indian Aerospace Command coming up on fast track basis: ACM Major