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Kaveri engine core undergoes high altitude testing at Moscow facilities
19 November 2007

Bangalore: Kabini, the core of the much-delayed Kaveri engine, being developed for the Light Combat Aircraft programme, is undergoing high altitude testing at the Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM) in Moscow. The engine has been taken to Moscow by a team from the Bangalore-based Gas Turbine Research Establishment.

Kabini primarily makes up Kaveri's high-pressure compressor, high-pressure turbine and high-pressure combustor. Kabini is being tested for the second time, as the first tests had resulted in failure. Subsequently, a number of modifications have been made to the Kabini.


GTRE director, T Mohan Rao, heads the team.

Through the tests it is hoped to generate sufficient data that will allow a study of the characteristics of the components.

send this article to a friendThe tests in Moscow are necessary, as India does not have similar high altitude testing facilities.

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Kaveri engine core undergoes high altitude testing at Moscow facilities