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British Airways and Lufthansa Cargo hike fuel surcharge
17 November 2007

British Airways World Cargo and Lufthansa Cargo have both announced an increase to their fuel surcharges.

In the case of British Airways the new rate of $0.80 will come into effect from November 29. The fuel surcharge increase follows a second consecutive week that the fuel index has been above the level 16 threshold.

The index was developed by BA World Cargo to provide customers with more information about the calculation of fuel surcharges. Updated on a weekly basis, the information is posted on the British Airways World Cargo website.


Adam Carson, senior manager, revenue management, at British Airways World Cargo, said: "The market continues to be affected by rising fuel prices and as such it is necessary to increase our fuel surcharge by two levels, in line with the index.

Meanwhile, Lufthansa Cargo, a unit of Germany's flagship airline Deutsche Lufthansa, has said that it will increase its fuel surcharge to $1.16 per kilo from $1.02 per kilo previously.

The higher fuel costs are planned to come into effect on November 26.

send this article to a friendPreviously, Lufthansa Cargo had raised the fuel surcharge to $1.02 per kilo from $0.95, on October 31, to be effective from November 12.

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British Airways and Lufthansa Cargo hike fuel surcharge