Air India will own dedicated terminals at metros: V Thulsidas

Air India chairman and MD, V Thulasidas, has said that the company is in talks with airport developers of Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad for dedicated terminal facilities at major metro airports in the country. He also said that the national carrier would not hesitate to acquire equity in these airports in order to get such rights.

"We have already spoken to airport developers at Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad on this and would soon be holding talks with Bangalore airport people on the same subject," Thulasidas said.

Currently, the state carrier is looking at fleet expansion requirements beyond 2011.

It already has 111 aircraft, 43 Airbus and 68 Boeing, on order. Of these, 15 Boeings and 6 Airbus planes have been delivered. Given the explosive growth in the Indian aviation sector it is expected that these orders may fail to meet the requirements of these carriers.