IA, Jet Airways offer attractive packages to woo more travellers

Kochi: There is good news for air travellers - both regular and otherwise. Many of the existing airlines that operate from Kochi are planning to compromise on the ticket prices.

Indian Airlines, the national domestic airliner, has announced several packages that are quite attractive. Jet Airways, the other major operator, has also pitched in with similar offers, which appear irresistible to passengers.

Today with so many offers being floated by almost every airliner, the air travel sector in the country is not what it used to be earlier. "With ticket prices coming down drastically, we are getting too many reservations," says a leading travel operator based in Kochi.

Though the newly announced prices are promotional, in a way this is definitely going to pep up the air travel sector in a major way. More and more people are turning towards air travel over other modes of transport. The fares are cheaper by 20 to 40 per cent depending on the sector chosen by the passenger.

For instance, Indian Airlines now charges Rs 1500 for a ticket in the Kochi-Chennai sector when a ticket is reserved a full 30 days in advance. If the booking is made 15 days before the date of journey one has to pay Rs 2,920 though the normal rate is Rs 5,235.

Similar offers are also offered by Jet Airways. They offer passengers two schemes - Apex Fare and Super Apex Fare. Apex Fare requires 15 days of advance booking and Super Apex Fare is offered to those who reserve tickets 30 days in advance.