Global Motors' Xooma to vroom in January

Chennai: Global Motors-a joint venture between the Kolkata-based Xenitis group and Guangzhou Motors, China, will launch its Xooma motorcycle in January 2007. The company will launch four models 100cc, 125cc, 150cc and 180cc and is now working on the pricing, branding and distribution channel. The company is also looking at making gearless scooters.

Initially Global Motors will import the bikes in a semi-knocked down condition and assemble it in India. Later when the company's manufacturing facility is ready the company would go for local production.

According to Xenitis group chairman Santanu Ghosh, chairman, Global Motors, the company will have a manufacturing capacity of 20,000 two-wheelers per month, which could go up depending on the demand. The plant would initially employ 500 people, which could be scaled up to 1,000 soon.