M&M to invest $100 million in R&D facility

Mumbai: After the Tatas, the Mahindras have also begun to invest in R&D and safety in India. The company is planning to invest about $100 million (around Rs430 crore) in putting up a dedicated facility, near Chennai where the entire research and development work of the company will be carried out.

At present the company has a number of R&D centers scattered all over the country.
According to an official from the company, "The entire R&D efforts of the company will done under one roof, instead of having them scattered at various locations," he said.

The new research facility would have facilities such as test track, crash facility, engine and polymer labs and engine research departments and all under one roof which would give the company greater synergy, and make the whole process effective and fast.

He said the company would need to recruit about 1500 engineers to work on the project. The facility would be set up in about two years.

At present there are two test agencies in India — ARAI and VRDE, in the western region. VRDE is operated by the army, while the former is used by Indian automotive companies. These agencies undertake almost all the testing and certification workload in the country. Tata Motors has its own R&D center and crash facility.