Reva electric cars to drive into Nepal

Bangalore: The city-based Reva Electric Car Company will roll out Reva, India's first electric car, into the export market. The company has inked a three-year deal with Ecovisions to export the cars to Nepal.

Nepal likes and welcomes electric vehicles. Currently the Himalayan kingdom has over 1,400 electric vehicles plying in various regions. In Kathmandu alone there are over 750 three-wheelers being used for public transport.

"The country is highly supportive of electric-vehicle programmes," says Reva Electric MD Chetan Maini. The Nepal government has announced duty concessions and other policy measures to encourage electric-powered vehicles. For instance the Reva car will attract only a 10 per cent duty as against the 60 to 110 per cent duty levied on import of petrol- or diesel-powered vehicles.

Says Maini: "As an export market, Nepal has been our first choice, considering the fact that today Nepal is very actively involved in electric-vehicle programmes. We will be the first Indian company to sell electric cars in Nepal. Two companies, Evco and Nevi, share the three-wheeler market there."

As per the agreement with Ecovisions, Reva Electric will initially export 150 cars and increase them to 450 units over a period of two years. The first consignment will be despatched from Bangalore soon for showcasing in Kathmandu.