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CII''s new campaign striving to wipe out corruption news
20 October 2006

The Confederation of Indian Industry's Integrity India Campaign has thrown up possible solutions to stamp out corruption, reports CNBC-TV18.

The big names of the Indian industry are pushing for a less corrupt India.

They're part of the 'integrity India campaign' by the Confederation of Indian Industry. It has also drawn the youth into the fight. And with good reason.

The Transparency Bribe Payer's Index 2006 ranks India as the most corrupt nation in the world. India is also the most corrupt exporter, with more than 54 per cent companies engaging in economic crime. Perpetrators are educated; aged between 31 and 50 years.

But all is not lost. Infosys chief Narayan Murthy believes it's up to the youth to take the initiative.

Murthy said, "Remember that everything is possible. Don't ever say that we will succeed in spite of this society being what it is. You all are an important part of the society - you have to transform the society. That is your responsibility."

A few solutions were offered to stamp out corruption:

  • Extend the Right to Information Act to private sector
  • Audit financials of political parties
  • Introduce technology into judicial procedure
  • Citizens must report economic crime

Ashok Leyland managing director, R Seshasayee, who is also president of CII said, "We need to be clear that we cannot shy away from facing the situation that corruption is eroding our values, its certainly eroding our economic growth. The faster we come to terms with the situation and the more focus we put on it, I'm sure things will start improving."

With several scams being reported these days, industry is trying to clean the system. CII's 'integrity India campaign' served as a forum for polity, academia and industry to brainstorm on how to deal with the problem.

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CII''s new campaign striving to wipe out corruption