Asia Pacific Breweries'' launches Baron''s Strong Brew in India

New Delhi: Asia Pacific Breweries (Aurangabad) Limited (APBAL), a 76- per cent subsidiary of Asia Pacific Breweries Limited (APBL), today launched its Baron''s Strong Brew in India.

Baron''s, a corporate brand of APBL, is the first international premium strong beer to be brewed and launched by APBAL in India. Baron''s Strong Brew will cater to the strong beer segment, which contributes to over two thirds of beer volumes in the country.

Asia Pacific Breweries Limited (APB), one of the key players in the beer industry, is a joint venture between the Fraser and Neave group of companies and Heineken of Holland. APB was established as Malayan Breweries Limited (MBL) in 1931.

Brewed under the supervision of Heineken NV''s technical wing, Baron''s Strong Brew uses European malt, hops and yeast and offers Indian consumers a strong, high quality premium beer.

"Baron''s honours the fine European tradition of brewing", said Johan De Deyn (brewing manager, APBAL). While its basic ingredients stay original, the taste has been refined to suit the Asian palate - full bodied, flavourful and strong. Furthermore, the aromatic hops and imported pale malt give it fruity notes and a refreshing aroma.

Vivek Chhabra, regional director, South Asia and group business development, APBL, said, "India is one of the fastest growing beer markets in the world and we are very excited at the launch of our leading international premium strong beer brand in India. Baron''s Strong Brew is an award winning international premium strong beer and aims to pioneer the development of the international premium strong beer segment in India."

The company says Baron''s has won awards and accolades including the prestigious Brewing Industry International Awards Brewing Technology Services (London) and the Sial D''or Paris Salon International de l''Alimentation. Baron''s Strong Brew projects an image of honesty, realness and respect - not only for himself but also for others.