Captain Morgan to drop anchor in India, courtesy Diageo

New Delhi: Captain Morgan may have never got past Jamaica in his lifetime, but Diageo will bring a hint of his buccaneering spirit to Indian rum lovers.

The distiller has announced the forthcoming launch of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold Rum, the seventh largest premium spirits brand in the world from Diageo, in the Indian spirits market.

Inspired by the 17th century Welsh buccaneer, Captain Henry Morgan (1635-1688), who eventually became governor of Jamaica and received a knighthood from King Charles I, Captain Morgan rum was first made in the 80s… the 1680s, that is.

Interestingly, Morgan, thought to have been born in to Welsh aristocracy, was never a pirate, but a privateer empowered to fight Spaniards on England''s behalf… an accepted means of conducting warfare in the 17th Century, who recompensed himself from the spoils of the war, another honourable way of earning a living in those times.

He was thrown in to prison for continuing to raid and loot Spanish colonies, even after the two companies signed a truce, but was released to defend Jamaica as its deputy governor and knighted by the King for his 34th birthday.

This premium rum is a great tasting spirit, says Santosh Kanekar, director - Marketing, Diageo India Pvt Ltd.

"Captain Morgan is all about fun, mischief and party. It is rebellious, yet playful and spontaneous. The taste of this spiced gold rum, the first of its kind here, is sure to take India by storm. Its rich legend and ancestry will make for great conversation."