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US Pizza to expand its retail presence across Indianews
28 November 2007
Chennai: Bangalore-based fast food retail chain US Pizza has announced plans to expand its presence across the country next year. US Pizza will open high-profile, flagship outlets across state capitals and principal cities, with around 25 outlets planned for the near future, according to Akbar Khwaja, managing director of US Pizza. Presently, the company is focusing its efforts on the Southern and Western parts of India, where it has 60 outlets across 30 cities. It is reportedly aiming at a 100 outlets by March 2008. The North and East regions of India have a scattered presence of the brand, which will be developed further after this fiscal. According to the company, US Pizza''''s flagship outlets will offer a varied menu of pizzas, salads and soups, and will aim at interactivity to establish themselves as 360-degree entertainment centres as opposed to conventional restaurants. The interactivity options would include pasta, salad and dessert counters. The company has reportedly differentiated its in-store experience by incorporating space for aerobics during the mornings, and some customised floor space for dancing to the tunes of a DJ playing a selection of locally preferred music. According to Khwaja, flagship outlet''''s ambience will be based on a theme with which the local crowd can identify themselves, such as cricket or F1. For its marketing efforts, the company is reportedly betting on below-the-line activities and the use of endorsements that will add value to the brand, as opposed to a mass media campaign. US Pizza is also reportedly investing in a sophisticated research and development centre to make its fast food healthier. According to Khwaja, US Pizza has been witnessing growth rates of around 40 per cent per year.

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US Pizza to expand its retail presence across India