Delhi govt to allow cars with factory-fitted CNG kits

On a day when the Supreme Court lifted its ban on high-horsepower diesel vehicles in Delhi and the NCR (See: SC lifts ban on large diesel cars in Delhi-NCR, slaps 1% green tax), the Delhi government also partially revoked its ban on retrofitting of CNG kits in cars, giving some respite to harassed car owners.

In June this year, the transport department had banned the retrofitting of CNG kits in "in-use" cars in the view of some CNG kit manufactures supplying "unapproved and uncertified" CNG fuel kits.

The Delhi government on Friday lifted the ban on registration of 'in-use' vehicles retrofitted with CNG kits. The retrofitted CNG kits will now be allowed – as long as car manufacturers certify them.

Retro-fitting of CNG kits in new cars, however, will be allowed only after vehicle manufacturers certify that original kits have been installed in the vehicle, says the Transport department circular issued today.

The Delhi transport department is currently working on a software for CNG kit manufactures and distributors to upload details of sold kits and this will help the authorities to lift the ban on retrofitment of CNG kits in "in-use" cars, reports quoted officials as saying.

The software, which is being developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC), will soon be launched, the official was quoted as saying.

"Manufacturers and distributors of CNG fuel kits will have to upload details of sold kits on new software. Transport department will be able to detect cases of unapproved or uncertified kits through the new system if applicant applies for endorsement of such fake CNG kits in registration certificates," official added.

"There are several car companies which retrofit CNG fuel kits in petrol-run cars in Delhi and then sell them to people. They will now be able to sell these to users.

"Now, government has allowed these companies to install such kits in new cars, but they will have to certify that original kits have been installed and thereafter, Transport department will register sold cars," the official said.