Govt considering incentives for discarding old cars: Gadkari

The government is weighing financial incentives to those willing to discard their old cars under a new policy, minister for transport, highways and shipping Nitin Gadkari said and urged people to avoid using multiple cars and adopt 'vehicle planning' on the lines of 'family planning'.

Gadkari said the new policy of encouraging people to discard their old cars and purchase new ones will also benefit the government as it would get tax revenue.
"We are formulating a new policy that whoever will surrender the old car we will give some incentive to them. We will process the old cars in any industrial area and recycle their parts. We will give some money to them. On one new vehicle purchase, government is benefited by Rs95,000. We will encourage people to sell off their old cars," he said.

Addressing a session on issues related to road transport and traffic industry at a PHD Chamber event in New Delhi, Gadkari said the road infrastructure is not able to match the growth of vehicles in the country and discarding of old vehicles will help de-congest the roads.

"Like family planning, vehicle planning is also important and it needs to be put into action. Vehicles are growing at a fast pace and the road infrastructure is not able to match it. We need to work on tackling this situation," the minister added.

Gadkari also said that accidental spots and traffic jam spots should be identified and research should be done to find solution to the factors contributing to accidents and traffic jams.

He emphasised the need for the development of alternative transport system to decongest traffic load on a particular mode of transportation. He said that inland waterways are the future of country's transportation. This is cost effective, environment friendly and a viable mode of transportation. He said that India has a lot of potential in this area. It will reduce the cost of transportation by around 1/5th as compared to the other modes of transportation including road and rail transport.

He called upon industrialists to deliberate upon indigenous technologies that can contribute to the prime minister's vision of 'Make in India' and development of smart transportation system for 'Smart Cities'.

During the summit deliberations will be held on various topics such as financing smart transportation initiatives, smart mobility in Delhi, technology convergence in smart transportation, intelligent traffic and parking management.

He said that the government has envisaged a slew of steps to overhaul the highways sector including a Rs4,000 crore Metrino pilot project to decongest Delhi through driverless pods between Dhaula Kuan and Manesar.

Under the project, fully automatic and driverless small vehicles known as pods will travel suspended under an overhead network.