Auto Expo 2020: Olectra-BYD launches intercity eBus C9

Olectra Greentech has launched the Olectra-BYD's first intercity eBus, C9 at the Auto Expo 2020. Nitin Gadkari, minister for road transport and highways, unveiled the C9 at the Auto Expo 2020. 

The eBus a 12-metre long 45-49 seater, will cover long-distance intercity travel with a range of up to 300km on a single charge. The eBus will also feature push-back seats with air-conditioning, with inbuilt USB chargers for each seat. Along with it, the eBus will come with a TV and infotainment system with Wi-Fi connectivity for all passengers. 
With over 200 eBuses in operation across the country, Olectra has further added a new product in its line-up of buses with the C9.
The Olectra C9 offers dual in-wheel motor solution with integrated regenerative braking recovers 30 per cent of lost braking energy resulting in a quiet comfortable ride.
The eBus is equipped with ITS, enabling real time tracking, PIS, video surveillance, etc, making them ideal for multi-modal transport and smart cities.
Besides its high power AC charging allows full charging from O -100°·0 SOC within 2–3 hours. Non dependence on commercial charging stations offers great savings on charging station investment and maintenance.
Olectric has invested billions in research, development and manufacturing of the Iron-Phosphate Battery on which BYD have performed numerous full-scale tests to ensure the highest possible safety and reliability.
In terms of safety, the bus is equipped with various safety features, including ADAS System (Driver Fatigue System) and ITS (Intelligent Transport System). Also for emergency situations, there is a Panic Alarm System and Emergency lighting system to alert the driver and the passengers.
"Olectra-BYD has been spearheading the electric vehicle adoption in the country with a focus not only to 'Make in India' but also 'Made for India' to meet the increasing requirements of our diversity in the landscapes and terrains of the country. We have covered significant ground in meeting the requirements of several states in the country and being the partners of choice for the EV revolution in the country for Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Himachal Pradesh, Hyderabad and Kerala where our eBuses are already successfully plying," N K Rawal, managing director, Olectra Greentech said.