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Boeing projects $290bn Southeast Asia market for commercial airplanes news
15 November 2007

Taipei, Taiwan: A Boeing forecast, says that Southeast Asian airlines will need 1,930 airplanes worth $290 billion over the next 20 years. According to Boeing''s Current Market Outlook, strong demand for new airplanes will lead to a world fleet with significantly improved environmental performance.

The Current Market Outlook is the Boeing Company''s updated annual forecast for the commercial airplane market.

The report says that air travel within Southeast Asia will grow 6 per cent during this period, above the world average growth of 5 per cent. This compares to China''s 8.8 per cent forecasted domestic growth rate.

According to the report, deliveries to airlines in Southeast Asia will represent approximately 10 per cent of the deliveries measured by dollar value worldwide between 2006 and 2026. During the next 20 years, deliveries of new airplanes in Southeast Asia will consist of:

- 6 per cent regional jets -- less than 90 seats
- 45 per cent single-aisle airplanes -- 90 seats and above
- 38 per cent twin-aisle airplanes -- 200-400 seats, tri-class, and,
- 11 per cent airplanes 747-size or larger -- more than 400 seats, tri-class

Combined with the retained fleet and used airplane acquisitions, these new deliveries will more than double, and result in, a Southeast Asia commercial airplane fleet of 2, 310 airplanes by 2026.

The Boeing Southeast Asia Current Market Outlook projects that single-aisle and twin-aisle airplanes in the 100 to 400-seat categories will account for 83 per cent of the regional growth in air travel during the next 20 years.

The Boeing product strategy centres on this growth market, offering a family of airplanes that allows customers to maximize their efficiency, increase profitability and provide the frequency choices passengers want.

Worldwide, Boeing forecasts a $2.8 trillion market for new commercial airplanes during the next 20 years and projects a need for approximately 28,600 new commercial airplanes (passenger and freighter), doubling the world fleet by 2026.

The vast majority of these new airplanes will be in the single-aisle (90 seats and above) and twin-aisle (200-400 seats) categories. The Boeing market forecast is a comprehensive and respected analysis of the commercial aviation market.

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Boeing projects $290bn Southeast Asia market for commercial airplanes