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S Viswanathan reviews Aligning Ferret  by Swapna Kishore and Rajesh Naik  a business novel blending organizational strategy and performance management into the twists and turns of a well-told story
17 February 2010

Published by: Postscript Impressions
Price: Rs345
Classification: Fiction

Aligning Ferret is an interesting and informative read even to a layman. It nicely incorporates management strategies and concepts within a framework of fiction, ensuring that the book remains a light, easy and pleasant read.

Ferret, the company in question, is taken over by one of its client companies, PTI. The novel is woven around the trials of Sunil Chinnapa, a senior project manager at Ferret, as he tries to cope with the pressures at home and at work while Ferret tries to realign itself towards realizing PTI's goals and objectives, which are different from its own. Sunil and his colleagues successfully implement and utilize tools like Balanced Scorecard and People Capability Maturity Model along the way to obtain desired performance levels.

While the book will greatly help managers in emerging companies, resolution of similar problems in real life will be fraught with complications and the ride will not be as smooth as the one in the book. The point of the book however was to share knowledge and stimulate thinking, and in this it succeeds admirably.

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Aligning Ferret