LIC HFL Care Homes to put the joy back into retired life

New Delhi: LIC Housing Finance today announced the launch of its latest venture: LIC HFL Care Homes. This is a novel concept, as residential complexes will be built especially to cater to the needs and comforts of the senior citizens of India.

Says LIC Housing Finance CEO and executive director Kranti Sinha: “A moving trend towards nuclearisation of families has left older people to fend for themselves. Worse, with the elderly being seen as soft targets for crime, security has also become an overriding concern. LIC Housing Finance presents LIC HFL Care Homes as the ideal solution to the growing needs of senior citizens.

“But beyond that it is, in concept, a means towards self-actualisation, an opportunity to infinitely enhance the quality of life. Developed and maintained by LIC HFL Care Homes, this novel project has the potential to become a utopia for those in the sunset years of their life — a dream come true for those above 50, and for whom retirement has opened up a new sense of independence.“

Each Care Homes retirement village will be completely self-contained, planned and thoughtfully structured to take care of every need. A kind of mini-township, with several component buildings, parks, playgrounds and other open spaces, swimming pool, club-house, fitness centre, restaurant and a mini-theatre.

The complex will have its own dedicated health centre and hospital, complete with all facilities including ambulance, and accessible to residents on a round-the-clock basis through an emergency call system. Visiting doctors will also be available for consultation on a daily basis.