Kolkota police chief tutored to face CBI interrogation: report

The Supreme Court order on the way the CBI should proceed with the interrogation of the controversial Kolkata police commissioner Rajeev Kumar in connection with the Rs10,000-crore Saradha chit fund scam has put the investigating agency in a difficult situation.

That’s because the Supreme Court, while defusing an explosive constitutional crisis with its judgement, ordered the CBI not to take any “coercive” steps against Kumar including arrest. This means that the CBI should be nice to the officer. At the same time, the judges said that the officer, on his part, must “cooperate” with the CBI and submit himself to questioning in the “neutral” place of Shillong.
But, with reports stating that the top cop has already been tutored by a team of Kolkota police with answers to some 80-odd probable questions that the CBI may pose before him, the CBI is unlikely to get the right answers from the Kolkata top cop.
The “weather is glorious, the rhododendrons will start blooming in a while”, Meghalaya governor Tathagata Roy tweeted. To a suggestion on the partaking of scotch, the governor said: “Ah well...” 
It was after the CBI swooped on the police commissioner’s home in Kolkata on Sunday evening allegedly to arrest him that Mamata let loose policemen manhandle and intimidate the agency’s officers. Then we had the spectacle of the live telecast of a dharna, not by the CBI, but by Mamata herself, and the nation didn’t know who did what.
Even if the CBI can’t arrest Kumar immediately and must even be hospitable to him during its impending encounter in Shillong, it has, at last, gained access to the allegedly elusive officer. 
The CBI fears that Kumar has either destroyed or not handed over to it certain electronic evidence relating to the scam he had accumulated while investigating the case as the head of the West Bengal government’s Special Investigation Team (SIT) before the CBI took over the probe on an order by the Supreme Court on 9 May 2014. (Narendra Modi took oath as the prime minister on 26 May, 2014.)
Kumar, who hails from Uttar Pradesh, a BE (Computer Science) graduate from Roorkee University (now IIT Roorkee), joined the IPS ranks in 1989, he apparently possesses better knowledge of anything electronic.
Before he became a blue-eyed cop of Mamata, she had hated him for his alleged electronic surveillance of Opposition leaders during the Left rule of West Bengal. And BJP called him a “snooping cop” before the 2016 Assembly elections. Kumar is known to be smart but fiercely loyal to his political masters and even considered honest—if professional honesty and political loyalty can coexist.