Lord Krishna, Western Union join hands

This alliance will significantly expand Western Unions network in Kerala. Lord Krishna Bank has strong a presence in Kerala with over 80 per cent of its branches located throughout the southern state of India.

Western Union is aggressively in the process of enhancing their network across India. In the last six months alone, it has witnessed nearly 100-per cent growth in their locations. Currently, Western Union has over 6,000 locations across 600 towns and cities in the country.

"Western Union caters to more than 5 million non-resident Indians in the Gulf region, most of them belong to Kerala. Hence, it is extremely important that we serve our customers in Kerala to the best of our abilities. We will now have more than 520 locations in Kerala, so that customers can receive money sent by their family quickly, safely and reliably. We are also in talks with other banks and financial institutions to provide safe, secure and reliable money transfer services," says Western Union director-general (India) Anil Kapur.

Lord Krishna Bank executive director V K Gupta says: "Western Unions inward money transfer service will be a tremendous value-addition to both our existing client-base and potential customers. We are pleased to be associated with Western Union." Established in Kerala in 1940, Lord Krishna Bank today has a widespread network, with presence in more than 10 states across the country.

Western Union Financial Services, a subsidiary of First Data Corp, is an international leader in consumer money-transfer services. Consumers can quickly, safely and reliably pay bills and transfer money around the globe using the companys proprietary money transfer network.

Western Union and its subsidiary Orlandi Valuta together make up one of the worlds largest money-transfer networks with a total of approximately 124,000 agent locations in more than 194 countries and territories. Famous for its pioneering telegraph service, the original Western Union dates back to 1851 and introduced electronic money-transfer service in 1871.