Dena Bank launches health insurance policy for Kissan Credit Card holders

Dena Bank has launched a unique medical insurance scheme for its customers holding Kissan Credit Card, jointly with United India Insurance Company, covering over 2 lakh farmer customers and their family members.

Under the scheme the farmer customers, their spouses and two children will be eligible for free cashless health insurance cover up to a maximum of Rs30,000.

This cashless facility will be available at around 4,200 hospitals all over the country, Dena Bank said in a release.

Ashwani Kumar, CMD of Dena Bank said the cashless health cover will be available to KCC holder of Dena Bank and his/her spouse and two children under tie-up with United India Insurance Company under group health insurance cover.

Finance minister P Chidambaram who inaugurated scheme complimented Dena Bank and United India Insurance Company for introducing an innovative and noble scheme for the benefit of farmers.

He said though it is a small step, in terms of coverage of farmers in relation to total KCC holders of the country, providing hassle free cashless mediclaim facility to farmers is a welcome step.

The launch of the mediclaim scheme, which coincides Dena Bank's Platinum Jubilee celebrations, is an initiative under corporate social responsibility.

While wishing the scheme all success, Chidambaram suggested that on successful implementation of the scheme, the bank might consider implementation on a larger scale.

Chidambaram said there was a need to take immediate action to increase penetration and coverage of non-life insurance in the country.

He said that India is one of the most under insured country in the world as non-life insurance sector has a penetration of only 0.7 per cent in the country.

He said there was a need to increase insurance density in the country as well.