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Germany, India draw closer on climate change issues

29 January 2015

Germany on Wednesday agreed with India that the Green Climate Fund money should be equally utilised for mitigation and adaptation, but also wanted New Delhi to contribute to the fund to fight climate change.

German environment minister Barbara Hendriks, in Delhi for bilateral talks with environment minister Prakash Javadekar, told reporters later, ''Around $10 billion has been paid to the GCF. It's for India to use 50 per cent of that money for adaptation and 50 per cent for mitigation. First we were opposed to that idea but then we have been convinced because we realise that adaptation is an important issue as well.''

Earlier, Germany had maintained that the fund should only be utilised for climate change mitigation.

At the same time, Hendriks emphasised that all developing countries, including India, should also contribute to the fund as per their capabilities.

''The developed world, the emerging economies and the developing world should contribute to the GCF in the future,'' she said, upping the ante on the emerging economies to do more than business as usual to fight climate change.

The Green Climate Fund was established last year with developed countries pledging $10 billion to assist developing countries with climate-related projects.

The German minister also said that all emitters should submit their intended nationally determined contribution to meet the limit temperature rise to two degrees by the turn of the century.

Both countries have also decided to set up working groups, one on circular economy and the other on water management, for a joint collaboration in these areas.

Hailing the agreement, Javadekar said that it was ''goodwill'' from Germany's side and both the nations will work together.

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