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Insat-3E launch on 28 Sept news
Our Economy Bureau
23 September 2003

Chennai: Indian Space Research Organisation's (ISRO) latest communication satellite, Insat-3E, is scheduled for launch around 4.30 am Indian Standard Time on 28 September 2003.

Insat-3E will be launched by the 162nd flight of Ariane (17th launch of Ariane-5 launch vehicle) along with Smart-1 of European Space Agency and e-Bird of Eutelsat.

The spacecraft was transported to Kourou on 16 July 2003 and was scheduled for launch in August. But in view of a quality alert received from the manufacturer of components used in the communication transponders of Insat-3E, detailed quality rechecks became necessary, which have been carried out in the last four weeks.

Insat-3E, with a lift-off weight of 2,775 kg, is the fourth spacecraft in the Insat-3 series. It will carry 24 C-band transponders and 12 extended C-band transponders.


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Insat-3E launch on 28 Sept