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Celebration of Grand Trunk Road, India's oldest highway, is onnews
Our Corporate Bureau
01 January 2003

The Grand Trunk Road is the oldest highway in India. It is regarded as the subcontinent's most historic highway. To celebrate the highway, which has now become a life line of northern India, India's department of tourism and culture and Birla Tyres, the country's youngest tyre manufacturer, have come together to celebrate the road. A unique 25-day Birla Tyres-Mere Humsafar-The Grand Trunk Road Show was kicked off by Indian Minister for Tourism and Culture Jagmohan recently in the capital.

The show was conceived to highlight the history of the road and role it has played in the history of India. It is said that since the Aryan invasion of the subcontinent, 3,500 years ago, the road has served as a corridor for the movement of travellers, goods, armies, and ideas. Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and Buddhism all developed in its environs, and Muslim proselytisers travelled on their missions.

It is a matter of pride that no other road carries such a baggage of history, from the Taj Mahal and the Golden Temple to the ancient battle sites of the Mahabharata, from Buddhists' sacred Bodh Gaya to the magnificent cities of Mogul and British India.

On Birla Tyres' part. The Mere Humsafar-The Grand Trunk Road Show is also aimed at spreading valuable message about tyres to its customers. According to Bhawarlal Jain of Sushil Tyres, the exclusive franchisee for Birla Tyres in Hyderabad, starting off at Delhi the show will pass through cities, towns and villages up to Kolkata, giving away messages through an infortainment programme.

For the next several days the infotainment road show will stop at transport nagars, bazaars, haats and dhabas. The road show will take the Birla Tyres Mere Humsafar message of song, dance and education to drivers and users on the highway.

The show is also aimed at giving invaluable tips on tyre maintenance, how to get the best from tyres, how to measure value for money and various dos and don'ts useful for the customers conveyed through street plays, jatras and nautankis.


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Celebration of Grand Trunk Road, India's oldest highway, is on