TAPP-4 goes on stream

Chennai: The 540mw nuclear power plant, unit-4 of Tarapur Atomic Power Plant (TAPP-4) went into commercial operation on September 12, 2005. Designed by the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited, TAPP-4 has the most advanced concepts and state of the art technology and equipment. With the addition of TAPP-4, the Nuclear Power Corporation now operates 15 reactors in the country having an aggregate capacity of 3,310mw. It is also constructing another seven reactors aggregating 3,420mw.

The overall performance of the plants has been excellent. All Nuclear Power Corporation's plants have been achieving an availability factor of above 84 per cent since 1999-2000. The availability factor in 2004-05 was 88 per cent. This is well above the national average and compares well internationally.

According to officials the projects under construction have been making good progress, and are well ahead of schedule.

TAPP-3 is in a advanced stage of commissioning and is expected to go critical in early 2006. For Kaiga-3 and 4 units in Karnataka and Rajasthan-5 and 6 units civil work is nearing completion and major equipment and system installation work is in progress.

The Unit-1 of Madras Atomic Power Station (MAPS-1) is undergoing major refurbishment. Coolant channel and steam generator replacement work has been successfully completed. Feeder replacement work, which has been taken up for the first time in India, is in progress.