Pilot launch of bio-metric passports in mid 2008: Ministernews
06 December 2007

The Government has decided to introduce bio-metric passports initially for diplomats and officials as a pilot project by the middle of 2008. Based on the experience gained from this pilot project, it is proposed to start issuance of e-passports in the ordinary category.

This was stated by minister of state for external affairs E Ahamed in a written reply to a question in Rajya Sabha today.

The government feel that he incorporation of bio-metrics in the passports will make them more secure against forgeries and will also further strengthen prevention of issue of multiple passports.

The government has entrusted the National Institute of Smart Government (NISG), Hyderabad, with the task of undertaking a time-bound study on the passport issuance system, including its IT aspects with the objective to deliver passport related services to the citizens in a timely, transparent, more accessible, reliable manner.

NISG''s report has been accepted by the government and it has been decided to launch ''''Passport Seva Project''''. The project is expected to result in the issue of passports within three days and in cases which require police verification, within three days after the completion of the verification process.

Tatkal passports are expected to be issued the same day.

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Pilot launch of bio-metric passports in mid 2008: Minister