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Kapil Sibal calls for increasing access to technologies at UNESCO meet in Paris news
27 October 2007

At the ministerial round table of UNESCO member countries in Paris, presided over by union minister for science and technology and earth sciences Kapil Sibal called for role in the development of a sustainable and global model for enrolling both technology sources and intergovernmental commitments for providing access to generic technologies.

This, Sibal emphasised, would help meet the developmental choices of large segments of the global community based on:

" Voluntary offer for free access to the needy
" A formula of differential prices based on criticality of need and differentiated capacities to pay
" Deferred payment on loan basis to build global growth equity and
" Conscious effort to render technologies affordable to many through North-South and South-South technology partnerships

Sibal selected five technology areas with needs for meeting the developmental choices -solid waste management, safe clean drinking water, clean coal technologies, devices for solar power and mitigation of damages from natural disaster.

Sibal also stressed the role of science and technology in bringing developmental values to the society. He observed that capacity building in science and technology is one of the most important needs of the world today.

The minister also stressed that such efforts to build capacities should take into account the differential levels of development and resource investment capacities and needs.

Calling for innovative techniques for bridging the differences between the cultures of science and industry through public-private partnerships, Sibal emphasised the need for greater interactions among the four pillars of development - industry, government, research and academy.

He also outlined the need for grater autonomy to the university systems in developing world and observed that many member countries were aware of the technology divide.

Sibal''s proposals have generated widespread response among the member countries for increasing the access to technologies in innovative ways. He concluded that among member countries, there was a large expectation in meeting the developmental challenges associated with poverty reduction, disaster management, desertification and pollution control.

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Kapil Sibal calls for increasing access to technologies at UNESCO meet in Paris