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SA wants skilled Indian workers; eases visa normsnews
02 January 2006

New Delhi: South Africa could be the next big destination for Indian skilled workers, after Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The country has proposed the introduction of radical amendments to its immigration laws that may be implemented by February 2006 to enable Indians to temporarily migrate to the country.

South African High Commissioner, Francis Molloi said South Africa was impressed with India's Free Trade Agreement with Singapore, which has formally agreed to recognise over 120 Indian vocational degrees. Indians having these degrees would be able to provide services in Singapore. He said South Africa is also debating a similar model to take forward its current framework free trade agreement with India. This framework agreement also has other African nations such as Namibia and Botswana.

South Africa requires skilled workers at the district level in such areas as teaching, project management, accounting budgeting etc.

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SA wants skilled Indian workers; eases visa norms