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India nuclear bill will be passed by large majority: Mulfordnews
13 September 2006

According to David Mulford, US ambassador to India, a large majority would pass the India-US nuclear bill, when the Senate votes on it later in the month.

Mulford was participating at a Indo-US business summit in New Delhi.

Though an overwhelming majority in the US House of Representatives had approved it in July, several Indian strategic analysts fear objections by supporters of nuclear non-proliferation. After approval by the Senate, the bill has to be approved by the Senate and the Nuclear Suppliers Group of nations. The non-proliferation lobby in the US has said the deal would encourage arms proliferation by India, which is not a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Opposition leaders and prominent members of India''s scientific community fear that the US legislative process could lead to changes in the original deal of July 18 that would go against India''s long-term strategic interests.

Some changes such as clause requiring an annual presidential certification that India was honouring its commitments and a condition that nuclear cooperation would end if it tests an atomic devise were sought to be added by some non-proliferationists.

New Delhi has repeatedly warned that any changes could destroy the pact.

Mulford described these fears as unfounded and said that the US would honour the agreement that had been reached and that the goalposts were not being moved. The Ambassador added that when finally implemented, "the agreement will mark a new level of trust and cooperation in our partnership."


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India nuclear bill will be passed by large majority: Mulford