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27 February 2007

The economic survey expects India''s growth story, macro-economic stability and the government''s commitment to reform to "scale-up" FII interest in Indian equity and debt. It expects them to retain India as a preferred destination for portfolio investment.

The survey says the pick-up in investment activity will continue and the mop-up of money through public issues, private placement, and euro issues will gather pace.

Reliance on public issues as a major source of funds will increase after recent initiatives to plug inadequacies. The global economy is expected to post impressive growth in 2007, after four strong years of growth.

The survey says measures need to be taken to revive the corporate debt market and encourage institutional investment. Commodity exchanges are expected to remain vibrant and the proposed changed to the 1952 regulation act, should ensure orderly conditions.

o Expects "scale-up" in FII investment o India to remain preferred portfolio destination o Mop-up through public issues, private placement to gather pace o Global economy to post impressive growth this year o Measures needed to revive corporate debt market o Commodity exchanges to remain vibrant

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Economic survey on capital markets